Don't guess, measure.

Our goal is to make unrecognised concussions a thing of the past.

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How it works

Catch concussions early

01 Attach

Players attach the sensor behind their ear

A sensor is given to each player on the team. It's attached with a simple adhesive behind the ear. The sensor is worn during training and matches.

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02 Monitor

Monitor for player impacts

While playing, the sensor will report any head impacts to a coach, a physio or a parent. All updates happen in real time so head impacts can be acted on before more damage is done.

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03 Act

Act before more damage is done

If a player has a high impact, the coach or physio will be notified immediately. The player can be taken off the pitch and assessed for concussion. A complete history of their impacts is available on the app.

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Sports And Player Agnostic

The sensor can be worn by anyone, regardless of sport. For a parent with a child who plays multiple sports such as rugby, soccer, GAA, the sensor can be worn across all sports unlike competitors.

Less Player injury Time

Identifying impacts immediately can reduce player recovery time by 50%. This enables players to get back to schools, work and playing sport sooner.

Data Driven Player Insights

Enables compliance with FA guidelines by monitoring the number of headers. Detailed data on player head impacts can provide guidance on training.

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